Monthly Furnished Rentals are more profitable than Short Term Rentals

Monthly furnished rentals are in high demand due to the housing shortage, the cramped spaces of hotels, and the lack of availability of high-demand (and expensive) short term rentals.  And, they do not require a special permit from the City of Austin. (or your city)

Monthly furnished rentals are a great opportunity to serve those who are

  • Relocating tech employees (Tesla, Apple, Amazon, HP, Samsung .....)
  • Families between selling and buying a home
  • Families waiting for their new home build to be finished
  • Families wooking for an extended work-from-home, school-from-home, or staycation

And ..... as a property owner you can participate in this growing opportunity without the requirement for permits from the city and the complications of filing and paying hotel taxes to the State of Texas and to the City of Austin (or the City you live in)

Want to learn more about the upsides and income potential for your current home?

I'll provide this analysis to you at no charge con mucho gusto. In addition to the complimentary income and incentive analysis for your property address, I will also provide a summary of all the research I have done on this topic in the last two years.

(I am not selling educational content, I am using this forum to educate my clients. An informed client makes better decisions. Clients who make good decisions give referrals.)

The e-book will answer the following questions:

  • How much can I earn as an AirBnB host or Executive Rental host?
  • How much does it cost to start and run an AirBnB?
  • Is it better than a traditional rental?
  • Can I do a STR or Executive Rental legally in my neighborhood?
  • What are the licenses, permits, and other requirements for my city and HOA?
  • What about insurance requirements?
  • Do I really make money AND get a tax reduction?
  • How do I find properties to buy?
  • And ... how to know if you should offer your property full time. This is the high-class problem every host hopes to have and solve

To request a complimentary analysis and the e-book, scroll to the bottom of the page and make a request to our team. 

Additional Services we offer include

  • Marketing for monthly furnished rentals
  • Co-Hosting: for those who cannot devote 100% of their time to their property
  • Hosting: for those who want a turnkey operation, we offer hosting services or referrals to other great hosting companies in the Austin area depending on property type and location
  • Real Estate Services: help with the purchase and sale of residential and income properties. Brokerage Services provided by Texas Ally Real Estate Group, LLC / Dwell in Austin Team.


Jeff McElroy

About Me

I am an AirBnB SuperHost, the owner of Red Casita Executive Rentals and a licensed real estate agent in Texas. 

I created this site and the services I provide due to the overflow of demand from families looking for longer-term temporary housing while relocating or transitioning while selling and buying or waiting for their new home construction to be comleted.

I think you will find the tools and resources I created to estimate Monthly Furnished Rental and Short Term Rental income enlightening and valuable for your family. - Jeff McElroy

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